Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Hibiscus King's Historic Fisherman's Cottage Built in a Day has stood on Retta Esplanade over 115 Years

The original fisherman's cottage built in 1900 at 621 Retta Esplanade has been remodeled and expanded over the years.   "The Goulding Cottage," which was for many years the home of Harry "Pete" Goulding,  Punta Gorda's  Hibiscus King,  who created over 60 varieties of our town's favorite bloom, is a prime  example of one of the many “fishermen’s cottages” that once overlooked the harbor.  They have been referred to as  “dark to dark” houses because two men could  build one in one day's light-time hours.

Remarkably the cottage withstood hurricanes and time, and remains on Retta among the stately Victorians that now grace the Esplanade.