Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tosie Quednau Hindman - Growing up in the Quednau House

Henryetta "Tosie" Quednau Hindman was born in Punta Gorda on October 8, 1923 to Fred and Isabelle (McBean) Quednau, in the same house her father where her father was born (we believe near Berry on Marion Avenue). She later moved with her family and lived her life in the house her father Arthur Fred Quednau built on Goldstein Street (the house in the History Park today).  

Tosie spent her early pre-school days sailing with her parents on her father’s boat. She got her nickname because she she loved toast.  Tosie graduated from Charlotte High School and attended the Florida State University. She married Jack Hindman in 1942, with whom, she had two sons. While her children were young, Tosie worked with Lois Peeples at the IGA and Lawhorn's Grocery. She  drove a Charlotte County school bus for many years. 

She then became interested in politics and was elected as the Supervisor of Elections, serving from 1966 till her retirement in 1988.  She was famous for reading the results of elections from the courthouse steps, and conducting elaborate funeral services for the losers with tombstones.  She died in 2009 at 85.


  1. I moved to Punta Gorda in February 1980. The first thing I did was go to the courthouse and register to vote. I was asked my address and when I gave it Tosie came out of her office to meet me. She had recognized the address as my sisters. Tosie told me she had been a school bus driver and had driven my nephews and niece to school. We had a nice visit and when I was about to leave. Tosie came around the counter and gave me a great big hug. I knew at that time I had found my new home and had met one of the nicest women in Punta Gorda. Tosie hindman, Bill Osborne